q + a with SANDQVIST founders Daniel and Sebastian

Q&A with Sandqvist founders.

As we start to consider travel once again and we plan our next adventures, we have partnered with Stockholm-based lifestyle brand, Sandqvist, to celebrate our shared love for travel, exploration, and discovery.

Evolving from a common set of core values, MALIN+GOETZ and Sandqvist share a collective aim to produce high quality, functional products, designed to uncomplicate modern living. To celebrate the year of the staycation, we hope to encourage people to get outside and explore the wilderness, and whether traveling by car, train, bus, bike, or by simply walking, your face, body and hair favourites can be with you wherever you go.

We sat down with Daniel and Sebastian, founders of Sandqvist, to discuss design, sustainability, and travel.


can you tell us a little about yourselves and what inspired you to launch Sandqvist together?

It was actually my brother Anton who founded Sandqvist, he saw a gap in the market for nice looking and sustainable backpacks for everyday wear and decided to make one himself. Sebastian and I soon joined him and continued on the journey to where Sandqvist is today. - Daniel


How does working together influence your design work?

We both love spending time outdoors and we draw inspiration from the nordic lanscapes which very much influences our work. - Sebastian


How has your Swedish roots influenced Sandqvist?

Our Swedish roots are the backbone of Sandqvist and everything we do, we draw inspiration from the landscapes and nature in everything we create. - Daniel


What do you consider to be good design in 2021?

Something of super high quality that’s sustainably made, both In material choices and in design aesthetics. Something you can wear for many years to come for almost any occasion  - Sebastian


What does sustainability mean to Sandqvist?

We want to produce stylish and long-lasting everyday bags and do this in a way that is fair to everyone involved and respectful of the environment. This means we take responsibility for the impact of our products throughout their life cycle, on both people and the planet. – Daniel


what are the items that you always must have around (traveling or at home)?

We’re quite minimal when it comes to items that we always carry with us, but a great barsoap is always nice to have on hikes - Sebastian


If you had to choose, which is your favourite Malin+Goetz product?

We both really like the Eucalyptus deodorant - Daniel


What does travel mean to you?

It’s a way of getting some new perspective and inspiration, it’s something we both really love and miss doing - Sebastian


Finally, after a year of global travel restrictions, where is top of your list to visit when travel returns?

There are so many places I’d like to visit, both places I’ve been before and new ones. For some reason I’ve never been to Japan, so maybe i’d first go there. Or maybe to a closer spot such as Lofoten Norway. – Sebastian


discover SANDQVIST here.