q + a with BodyMethod founders Kaya + Linda Stork

Fitness + wellbeing has been an key inspiration of our product range for many years, motivating us to develop products that keep you fresh, clean + protected on the go.

In celebration of their 6 year anniversary, we sat down with our friends, Linda and Kaya Stork, founders of BodyMethod, to discuss our shared inspirations, their daily regimens and how they built their distinct fitness method in an ever-crowded fitness landscape.


Can you tell us a little about yourselves and what inspired you to launch BodyMethod together?

We are two sisters, born & raised in Hamburg, Germany. We have always lived an active lifestyle but never thought we would found a business in that field, until we spent a few months in Los Angeles and fell in love with the Megaformer. It’s a unique machine that gives you the tools for a super intense low-impact full body workout. Back then in 2014, there was neither the Megaformer nor a boutique fitness studio concept in Germany, so we decided to take a leap of faith and start our BodyMethod journey.


How did your time in the USA inform how you’ve developed and run the studio?

Our time in LA gave us the inspiration for the idea and the overall concept. We did however understand right from the beginning, that California/USA & Germany are two very different markets and therefore have different customer behaviour. We started writing a detailed business plan and figured out what we would have to adapt or change in Germany. For example pricing, class schedule & marketing strategy were things that we had to develop completely from scratch for the German market as there were no comparable gym concepts back in 2014.


Apart from Germany + USA, are there any other countries that have had a big impact on your lives?

We think all of Europe has had a big impact on our lives. Being able to move around freely and getting to experience different cultures in close proximity of our home has helped us be very open-minded and interested in learning new things. Australia, especially the Sydney area, is also a country that we both love and fully identify with. They are leading the trends of fitness, nutrition & health.


What advice would you give to someone new to fitness?

Try out many different kinds of workouts to see what you love. It is super important to find the right workout for your lifestyle, personal goals & schedule. Maybe grab a friend as a workout buddy and make it a fun activity. Fitness is the best for your physical and mental health so make it a priority in your daily routine - even if it’s only 20 minutes per day.


What do your typical morning routines look like – either at-home or at the studio?

We start each morning with breakfast - as for us both it’s the most important meal of the day. Kaya has just had her baby and is currently working from home, only teaching a few classes per week. She loves going for a long walk with the baby and her dog in the mornings to get that fresh air and jump-start her body.

Linda is currently teaching 5-days per week and is at the studio early in the morning. After finishing the morning classes, she loves taking a little coffee break to plan out the rest of the day and to check in with Kaya on what's on the agenda.


What are the items that you always have to have on-hand post workout?

Water, a healthy protein snack or shake, our favourite fragrance.


If you had to chose, which is your favourite malin+Goetz product?

The eucalyptus deodorant (the best!) and the vitamin b5 body lotion.


What would you say are your biggest vices?

We are both perfectionists and sometimes have difficulties taking a break from work. We love what we do so much and as it’s a family business so there is a big overlap of private & business life.


Finally, what’s your prediction for the future of fitness?

Especially with COVID-19 there has already been a big change in fitness and the workout behavior. Paid for or free online content has made it incredibly easy for literally everybody to workout from wherever they are. With re-opeing in June 2020 after the worldwide shutdown we have already experienced an increased number of new clients. People want to go to a gym but they want to get an amazing workout for their money and want to be safe while doing it. We think big „oldschool“ gyms are going to struggle a lot and small boutique studios like us are going to grow.


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